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Introducing the new Rotex Dairy Processing Screener

  • Monday, February 08, 2016

The new Rotex Dairy Processing Screener is designed and engineered for effective performance by maximizing both product quality and yield. Providing a total screening solution, the Rotex Dairy Processing Screener is the ideal screening solution for the dairy industry. This unit is the result of years of design iterations to create a unique sanitary design passing all USDA design requirements. The use of a USDA-specific quality-control plan and meticulous manufacturing processes permit Rotex Global the ability to manufacture to stringent USDA standards.

With the Rotex Dairy Processing Screener, your plant will achieve higher capacities in a single unit, finer separations, no material blinding and easier cleanouts to eliminate contamination during product changeover.

With more than 100 years of experience as the leading screener manufacturer, Rotex provides high-quality screening machines for all your dry-separation needs. Rotex machines are engineered for dependability, durability and ease of maintenance. For more information on the Rotex Dairy Processing Screener, download the machine spec sheet below, or call 800-453-2321 to speak to a Rotex representative.

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