Megatex XD

The Rotex Megatex XD Screener provides high volume and unsurpassed screening performance for applications requiring accurate separations. They are specifically designed to meet the demanding screening requirements of high-volume applications, including Agriculture, Chemicals, Minerals, Plastics and more.

The Megatex XD Screener is able to maximize product recoveries at high material temperatures up to 205°C. Standard features include a patented cam lift rail system for quick screen change capability and sleeveless inlet/outlet connections.


Megatex XD Features

Industrial Screening Equipment

Accessible External Drive

Simple reaction drive cartridge with two spherical roller bearings for years of service

Megatex Screener

Quick Release Handle

Improved access to screens with the new quick release clamp handle

Screeners & Separators

Aggressive Cleaning

A wide variety of mesh cleaning ball sizes and compounds for abrasive and high temperature applications

High Performance Screeners


Easily replaced seals are available in compounds for temperatures up to 400°F/204°C

Additional Models

Higher Capacity Megatex XD

Rotex have introduced two new models to the Megatex XD product line that are now capable of over 40% more capacity than the original Megatex XD allowing for greater volumes of throughput and positioning the range among the world’s largest capacity industrial screeners.

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Unique Elliptical-Linear Motion

The patented motion accurately and efficiently handles coarse to fine separations from 6mm to 150mm (100 mesh):

Equal feed distribution to all screen decks.
Uniform bed depth across entire screen surface.
Aggressive blinding control with durable metal spring balls.
Superior spreading and stratification.

Drive and Suspension

Megatex XD features an easily accessible external drive and single reaction cartridge with two spherical roller bearings – designed for 200,000 hours of service. Plus a support shaft suspension system with industrial U-joint bearings and no-maintenance, low torsion centre springs.

Megatex Screener

The Megatex XD is a reaction drive screener and must be suspended from existing framework or a Rotex supplied support stand. The suspension system consists of four hanger assemblies and isolates 95% of forces from adjacent structures.

Existing structure

Because the Megatex XD suspension system has low transmitted forces, the machine can be mounted directly to a structural steel framework.

Rotex supplied stand

Megatex XD Screeners can be floor mounted using a support stand designed for a specific model.

Discharge Doors

Quick opening discharge door provides access to each individual screen deck for inspection or screen changes.

Discharge System

Available unique sleeveless brush system and discharge vent connection for added dust control without connecting sleeves.

Single Screen Access

Stacked multiple deck, tray-access design allows individual screen access without the need to remove all decks. A single deck screen change can be completed in 10 minutes with all 12 decks in 2 hours.

Cam Lift Rail

Internal lining rails with patented Lift-Rail system with non-binding stainless steel cam activation for easy screen frame installation and removal.

Universal Sealing System

Newly developed silicone D seals with easy press fit (no adhesives) for exceptional sealing between screen decks for fine separation.

Megatex XD Product Sheet

Megatex Screener Product SheetFor a complete overview of the Megatex XD download this product brochure.


Rotex Introductory Video:

The video below shows the screener in action and also describes in detail the real benefits of this machine. The unique design reduces operating costs and increases throughput but this movie shows other unique advantages such as the benefits of gyratory reciprocating motion, low angle slope and screen selection.

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