Engineered for the grain industry.

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The MEGATEX Grain Cleaner processes high volumes of agricultural materials that would overwhelm a conventional grain cleaner. It features aspiration doors and abrasion-resistant liners. Reduce your capital expenses with one machine that does it all — the MEGATEX Grain Cleaner.
Easily Accessible Screens

With doors at both ends of the machine, screens can be accessed at either point, allowing for easier maintenance and more uptime.

Quick-Release Handle

Customized heavy-duty DESTACO door clamps allow quick and easy screen access.

Abrasion-Resistant Liners

Replaceable ceramic tiles and Kryptane® sheets are used throughout the machine at various high-wear areas to increase the life of the equipment.

Coarse Scalping Turret

Each unit incorporates a coarse scalp deck atop the machine to ensure large material is removed prior to screening.


Wide-Screen Design

When handling higher capacities, the depth of the material passing over the screen on conventional screeners increases. Increased bed depth diminishes the screener's ability to stratify material, which is essential to effective screening. Expansion of the total screen area is key to increased screener capacity — but only if the area is increased properly. All screen area is not equally productive. Increased screen width expands capacity more effectively than increased screen length. MEGATEX screeners handle increased capacity and maintain screening accuracy by utilizing screen surfaces that are wider rather than longer. Using a two-bank, multilevel screen deck arrangement, MEGATEX screeners present 40 feet and 50 feet (12 meters and 15 meters) of width, respectively. This width serves to keep bed depths low, so screening accuracy and efficiency are maintained at high capacities.

Long-Stroke, Gyratory Motion

The force level created by the long-stroke (up to 7.5 centimeter), low-frequency drive serves two important functions. First, the motion effectively spreads the material across the full width of the distribution panel. This achieves proportional feeding to each of the screen levels inside the machine and eliminates the need for multiple process feed points. Second, the long stroke and low frequency produce effective ball-mesh cleaning to control blinding, providing long-term, uninterrupted operation. Screening units employing shorter strokes or higher frequency drives cannot match these two functions of MEGATEX screeners. Thus their screening effectiveness is poor, resulting in product loss or poor product quality.


MEGATEX Grain Cleaners come in three series ranging from 120 square feet all the way to 360 square feet. The tremendous screen area in a single unit allows the MEGATEX Grain Cleaner to achieve capacities up to 50,000 BPH.


Existing structure

Because the MEGATEX Grain Cleaner suspension system has low transmitted forces, the machine can be mounted directly to a structural steel framework.


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