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Drive Head

Rotex drive heads come in three configurations.

Screen Access Doors

The screen access doors allow for toolless entry, single-operator maintenance and inspections, and independent screen deck access. This means you can change the fourth deck without removing decks one, two and three, saving time and effort by directly accessing the screens that are most likely to fail first. The screens are removed through the use of toolless cams that raise and lower the individually pre-tensioned panels. With each screen change you also receive a brand-new seal, ensuring zero product contamination.

Inspection Ports

Inspection ports are located on the top cover of the machine. When the machine is stopped, you can easily remove the inspection cap and ensure the screener is operating correctly. This could include inspections for screen blinding, screen tears or material buildup.

Inlet Connection

Rotex customizes each machine configuration to match the exact application needs. Inlet connection options include:

Outlet Connections

Rotex customizes each machine configuration to match the exact application needs. Outlet connection options include:

Discharge Chute

The APEX™ discharge chute offers easily accessible outlets and customizable outlet configurations. Outside of the outlets, you can also customize the discharge chute by adding hinges to improve accessibility for product cleanouts and inspections. Lastly, you can include up to two different aspirated fractions for added separation capabilities.

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