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Speed, accuracy and simplicity.

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The competitively priced Plastic Pellet Screener accurately removes off-size material with a quick and easy setup between batches. The machine can be floor-mounted, stand-elevated or wheeled.
Toolless Access

Quick-disconnect clamp handles eliminate the need for tools for top-cover removal.

Double-Pass Capability

The double-pass option incorporates two oversize removal decks to reduce product contamination.

Ergonomic Design

It's easy to disassemble, has lightweight parts and can be handled by a single operator — all within a shallower design (as low as 27 inches or 68 centimeters).

Pneumatic Tappers

Bursts of air help keep the screen deck clean and free of material blinding.


Gyratory Reciprocating Motion

The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion gradually transitions along the length of the machine, starting off as purely gyratory motion at the head, then moving to elliptical movement in the center and reverting back to reciprocating toward the end.

  1. Circular motion at feed end
  • Spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface
  • Stratifies the material
  • Aggressively conveys material forward
  1. Changing to elliptical motion at center
  • Long-stroke elliptical action
  • Enhances product stratification
  • Conveys material at high capacity
  1. Reciprocating motion at discharge end
  • Removes near-size particles
  • Improves screening efficiency
  • No vertical component ensures material is in constant contact with the screen surface

High Efficiency

Through the use of Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, screening efficiency is increased by removal of the longs without the loss of on-spec plastic pellets.

Superior Blinding Control

Mesh cleaning balls are eliminated through the use of pneumatic tappers. This results in less vertical motion on the pellets and further reduces the probability of longs diving through to the product fraction.


Lightweight parts easily handled by a single operator allow for easy disassembly during product changeovers.

Reduced Headroom

A lower silhouette than most other screening equipment allows for installation as low as 27 inches (68 centimeters).


An option is available for casters with kick-down legs.


The screener can be floor-mounted, stand-elevated or on wheels. The low silhouette enables installation at a height as low as 27 inches (68 centimeters).

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